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Installing a Keyless Entry System Will Make Your Calgary Business More Secure

We offer the latest in keyless entry technology to keep your building secure. We sell and install a wide range of control access systems ranging from ID card readers to key fobs and biometric scanners that can check fingerprints, retinas and more! These keyless entry systems are ideal for:

  • Condo complexes

  • Office buildings

  • Commercial buildings

  • Industrial warehouses

Electronics Are the Key

Electronic readers can scan specific ID, check the access rights connected to it and unlock predetermined gates or doors (or operate elevators) if the access rights are valid. Once installed to control an entry point, it can also be used to ensure that the door locks and unlocks automatically according to pre-set schedules. Contact Canadian Commercial Security Solutions to install an access control system at your work place for increased safety and peace of mind!

Key card access system

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